I offer teaching in German for research for native speakers of English. As someone who has also learned German as an adult and knows what it feels like to begin to tackle a new language, I can walk step by step along the journey with you.

I can help you learn the German skills you need for research, whether you need basic reading understanding for your degree (Masters, PhD students or mid-career researchers) or want to pick up some conversational German before a study trip to Germany, Austria or Switzerland. My main area of speciality is German for theological students, but I am also comfortable in offering high level help to researchers in closely related disciplines (e.g. history, comparative literature and classics).

My teaching focuses on your individual needs:

  • we can work through a German reader together and focus on issues of grammar and vocabulary
  • if you are working with a particular thinker or theologian, we can focus on close reading of extracts from their work
  • we can jump in with some conversational German and look at phrases you might need in order to make a trip to a German speaking conference.
  • if you are taking a course elsewhere, I can offer reinforcement of the material you are doing in class (I often find that hearing the same thing explained a different way can be helpful).

We will meet either on Skype or Zoom, and a normal class lasts for 45 minutes. As a rule, this costs 40 euros per hour plus, when applicable, Austrian VAT. Please get in touch if you are interested in doing a German for researchers course with me.