I’m a native speaker of English – I was born in England and grew up there, and then studied in Scotland. I’m also a pastor of a German-speaking church in Vienna, Austria, and work professionally in a German-speaking context, where I have developed a specialism in theological German. I have also undertaken theology research projects where German has been the working language, both for reading and writing.

I have a particular fondness for 20th Century German theologians. My own research interests focus especially on the early period of Karl Barth’s career (especially the 1920s and 30s), where many of the primary and secondary sources only exist in German.

I learned all my German as an adult – having learned Spanish and French in school, I wanted a challenge when I started University. I actually ended up learning Russian from scratch; that proved to be a challenge too far. The result was that I ended up learning German from scratch. I am a fluent reader of both modern and medieval German (Mittelhochdeutsch) and am able to provide translation and teaching services for both.