Support David financially

As from the beginning of 2016, David will be supported in a half-time position in Austria. This will be a missionary position looking longer term towards church planting in Austria. The funding for this comes from three places:

  1. a grant from the EBF Indigenous Missionary Project for church planting in Austria
  2. Projekt:Gemeinde church for time spent within the church
  3. a network of supporters and friends. I am hoping to increase this.

Maybe you are reading this blog and want to know how you can join the third category by prayerfully considering supporting me on a monthly basis. Maybe you have a vision for the importance of planting healthy gospel churches in Western Europe. If so, I would love to hear from you and see what possibilities there are.

Obviously, I don’t want to be taking donations personally, because it lacks the necessity transparency for you to know that I am acting with integrity and above reproach (Acts 24:16). Instead, all support is handled by the Austrian Baptist Union. If you’d like to commit to supporting me financially, I’d love to hear from you. Please send me an email to and we can see what is possible.