This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and It was last updated 14th January 2019

Where am I?

Most of the year, I am based in Vienna, Austria as normal. My travel and speaking schedule currently looks like this:

  • 20th January – preaching at the Evangelische Pauluskirche, Vienna
  • 10th February – preaching in Mollardgasse Baptist Church, Vienna

Current focus

  • work in Projekt:Gemeinde including working on some structural issues, further preaching duties and building up teams and leaders.
  • working to build up a financial support team for me.
  • thinking longer term about church planting opportunities.
  • thinking about future training and education opportunities, including investigating whether a PhD is a viable option at this point in time.
  • writing the Vikariatsarbeit, the piece of work I have to produce for the Baptist Union of Austria.