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I am a Baptist church pastor. Originally from the United Kingdom, I now live and work in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. I’m currently working with the Projekt:Gemeinde (Project:Church) Baptist church in the city as a Pastor for Church Development, Church Planting and Project Support (in German: Pastor: Gemeindeaufbau, Gemeindegründung und Projektbegleitung. Possibly the catchiest title of all time) along with a team of fantastic people.

As a bivocational pastor, I partially support myself as a freelance professional, both as a web developer and also providing translation and language teaching services for theological German.

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I am married to the beautiful Mairi and we have a daughter together. We both come from the United Kingdom – Mairi from Scotland, and David from England. You can follow me on Twitter @davidbunce or email me

Brief CV

I graduated in 2014 from the University of St Andrews with a MA Hons (First Class) degree in German and Theological Studies. My dissertation focused on the early Karl Barth as a reader of the historical tradition, using the extra calvinisticum as a case study. My Honours modules in theology focussed on historical theology, liturgy and homiletics. In German, I focussed on medieval German (especially around issues of the body), the politics of language in the DDR, the reception and translation of Shakespeare in Germany, and the tradition of heroism in German literature.

University of St Andrews Academic Prizes

  • 2013/4 – awarded for the best essay related to the divinity curriculum
  • 2013/4 – Deans’ List
  • 2012/3 – Deans’ List
  • 2009/0 – Deans’ List

During my time at St Andrews I did a year abroad in Vienna, where I worked as an English Language Teaching Assistant through the British Council, and also served as an intern in the church that I now pastor.

I was ordained as a pastor in November 2015 and finished my Vikariatszeit (probationary period) at the end of 2018. As part of this I wrote a research thesis [German] on the virtue of patience in pastoral care, looking at Dr Martin Luther King and theological disagreements as case studies.

This post is also available in: Deutsch